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The Floral Comrade

Further proof that I’m still alive lol. I’ve been practicing my makeup skills since June and I think I’m getting the hang of it (aside from eyeliner uugghh).

Ah fuck, is there any way I can change the email attatched to this account w/o having to start all over? I go by Quinn now, but my login email uses my dead name. :/

What have I missed since I left? Fill me in, peeps. ❤️❤️

Hey y’all. Just returning to Mastadon. Hope I haven’t missed a lot.

Couple things that’ve happened to me since I was last here:

I’ve full accepted my identity as a femme-leaning trans enby. I’m in my first queer and poly relationship. I moved into a friend’s house back in June after my parents kicked me out when I came out.

Life has been a bit rocky, but overall I’m doing pretty well. :) ❤️


Hi all! My name's Rhea. My Dad once owned a bazillion laserdiscs and it's how I watched what would end up being some of my favorite movies of all time.

Some of my favorite films:

The Love Witch
The Witch
Rock 'n' Roll High School
Assault on Precinct 13
Ms. 45
The Fabulous Stains
Evil Dead 2
Ex Machina
Aliens (Director's Cut)
In the Mood for Love
Jackie Brown
Hot Fuzz
The Long Goodbye

Looking forward to discussing movies with y'all!

Did you know that I'm writing a book? Read a sample chapter and sign up for updates at

When we get to 500 subscribers we'll be sharing another chapter, on working with legacy code in a compassionate way.

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hey, fiction writers/game designers/worldbuilders/etc

brazil is not a hispanic country

we do not speak spanish

"hernandez" is not a brazilian surname