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It's true the Myth of Progress fails us as we face anthropocene, and christian eschatology won't help us either. We need a myth that helps us navigate it.

Anna Tsing suggests Precarity.

Gone is Progress, with Individuals operating under Hierarchy
Welcome to Precarity, with Cyborgs operating under Assemblages

Below are some quotes from the book 'The Mushroom at the End of the World'.

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How do we retain agency in a world heavily mediated by corporations?

How do we know our cognitive resources (attention, trust, hopes) are not being allocated to the highest bidder in the marketplace, in units too subtle for us to perceive?

A future of hive-mind slavery at least provides for basic needs. We'd be free agents, alienated and alienating others.

We must devote our minds to it.

I just noticed that in @Mastodon 2.7, the labels and other ARIA semantics for Reply, Boost, etc... controls in toots have gone. Screen readers will only say "Link" now. In 2.6.5, these were all buttons or toggle buttons, but some change did away with all the WAI-ARIA semantics in 2.7. :( Sorry, don't have time to file a Github issue right now.
CC @Gargron

@aral @jalcine @humanetech @switchingsocial for me the important distinction is between taking action and being blamed for not solving the problem.

Should we take action on surveillance capitalism? Yes, absolutely. Should blame be put on users for using the tools they are coerced into using? No.

This is most starkly visible with "not good enough" approach. User A starts using the Fediverse, but is still on Facebook, and gets scolded for the latter instead of commended on the former.

Real talk.. The "Repressed Citizen" scene from Monty Python and The Holy Grail is probably where I first learned about #anarchy and what got me interested in anarcho-syndicalism.

A mom: would you like to say grace before dinner Susie?

Susie: yes mommy

[they hold hands]

Susie: To most Americans Anarchy is an evil-sounding word — another name for wickedness, perversity, and chaos. Anarchists are looked upon as a herd of uncombed, unwashed, and vile ruffians, bent on killing the rich and dividing their capital. Anarchy however, to its followers, actually signifies a social theory which regards the union of order with the absence of all government of man by man; in sh

Is there a sample feed, so I can copy base syntax and sass files, and start styling a theme on top of it, without having to run an entire locally, just for css tweaks?

It’s simply overkill for the task of theming.

If not, maybe I’ll create a dummy account and save the pages as I go? I do have the original sass files already, and would design on top of it, so it keeps original.

@renatolond pergunta, você acha que rola de a gente marcar um cam e eu perguntar se to fazendo as cosias certas?

Pq o bicho eh side project, além do meu expertise, e eu gostaria de saber se o que quero faz sentido.

Eu comprei domain (bem melhor) e mais cedo ou mais tarde quero mover lazy8 pra lá, junto com new version.

Em retorno, eu sou ui designer, bom no que faço, e posso ajudar (e muito) com theming, se precisar.

Ou to pedindo demais? Eu to aqui mendigando experts.

Impressive essay from the Max Planck Institute on the need for a new interdiscipline, Geo-anthropology, to take an integrative perspective of the interplay between digital and natural domains

the back loop is the phase of life when the structures that constitute one order come apart, making way for others to form.

We are immersed in an Information World War in which state actors, terrorists, and ideological extremists leverage the social infrastructure underpinning everyday life to sow discord and erode shared reality.

That’s because dossiers on billions of people hold the power to wreak almost unimaginable harm, and yet, each dossier brings in just a few dollars a year. For commercial surveillance to be cost effective, it has to socialize all the risks associated with mass surveillance and privatize all the gains.

Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


And maybe I had miles to drive,
And promises to keep:
You ditch it all to stay alive,
A Thousand Kisses Deep.

Don't fuck it up, TV.

And by that I mean don't make characters white (or light-skinned) by default, when race is not explicitly told in the story.

Movie and TV adaptations have a COMPULSION of making characters white and thin and young.

The feminist movement should thus be skeptical of approaches to gender justice that rely on or further empower the police or immigration controls.

Carceral feminism focuses on policing and criminalisation as the key ways to deliver justice to women.

I found a guy on tumblr who exclusively draws art of marx and engles as anime boyfriends