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It's true the Myth of Progress fails us as we face anthropocene, and christian eschatology won't help us either. We need a myth that helps us navigate it.

Anna Tsing suggests Precarity.

Gone is Progress, with Individuals operating under Hierarchy
Welcome to Precarity, with Cyborgs operating under Assemblages

Below are some quotes from the book 'The Mushroom at the End of the World'.

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How do we retain agency in a world heavily mediated by corporations?

How do we know our cognitive resources (attention, trust, hopes) are not being allocated to the highest bidder in the marketplace, in units too subtle for us to perceive?

A future of hive-mind slavery at least provides for basic needs. We'd be free agents, alienated and alienating others.

We must devote our minds to it.

My broter wiped my moto g clean, open source android, .

Coz it lacks play store (and play services, the surveillance thingy behind most products), I had to find apks at ... kinda creepy, coz without big corps acting as curators, we have... what?

for now 4 apps can't open coz depend deeply on google play services. I'm trying to find substitutes.

@HerraBRE yeah, federation breaks social graph from winner-takes-all to something more decentralized, but it's not a cure for all.

It does help, tho.

In time: "fediverse" is a terrible name. :-P

Tech #Platforms and the #Knowledge Problem~

"There is an ongoing struggle over what responsibilities should be borne by those dominating an online space. Investors demand a fantasy of #monopolization: not merely occupy a field, but develop “moats” against entrants to guarantee both present returns and future growth. The day-to-day reality of operational budget constraints, however, pushes the same firms toward the pathologies of absentee ownership"

8. Reduce production, shorten working hours, redistribute wealth, regulate investment
9. Beyond capitalism
10. Buen vivir beyond tradition and modernity
11. Trans-communalism instead of post-democracy
12. The horizon of degrowth

12 lines of flight for just degrowth

1. Our goal: Social rights — global and concrete
2. Nature is limited and resistant
3. Decoupling is not possible
4. ”Leur récession n’est pas notre décroissance!”
5. ...and your austerity is not our degrowth!
6. There is no good growth, only a good life!
7. Goodbye, Keynes — good morning Keynes and beyond...

Lawns Are an Ecological Disaster

pushing petrol-powered spinning death blades over aggressively pointless green carpets to meet an embarrassingly destructive beauty standard based on specious homogeneity.

What’s your royal name?

Lord or Lady
First Name: Your domain.
Last Name: Your username.
Land: Your password.


@JordiGH kinda. Information consumes attention, so there is always a trade-off between the amount of people you follow and your time to consume it.

It's a game of artificial scarcity: they make your time scarce (by losing barriers of publishing) then sell it to highest bidder, deciding what you see. FOMO is manufactured.

Feed curation is top-down filter, Mass Media by any other name, sold as "scientific", hence unbiased (ha).

>> … on average, when Craigslist’s opened erotic services in a city, the female homicide rate went down 17 percent.
> 17 percent. That’s not the homicide rate for female sex workers. That’s the homicide rate for all women.


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Murderous humanitarianism

It is no good trying to palliate collective outrage and butchery by jury in the new colonies by inviting us to consider the old, and the peace and prosperity they have so long enjoyed.

Re-reading The Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, for study circle tomorrow.