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How do we retain agency in a world heavily mediated by corporations?

How do we know our cognitive resources (attention, trust, hopes) are not being allocated to the highest bidder in the marketplace, in units too subtle for us to perceive?

A future of hive-mind slavery at least provides for basic needs. We'd be free agents, alienated and alienating others.

We must devote our minds to it.

There is a one-sidedness in the holism that stresses the connectedness of the world but ignores the relative autonomy of parts.

Goodbye moose.

(Or if anyone nearby knows kintsugi, I'm all ears)

As reason has been captured by financial algorithms, this evolution has taken a path that seems incompatible with rationality.

We must think of the future from the point of view of systemic psychosis, and this mean the abandonment of political action and of political theory.


"if you are publishing research behind a paywall, I don't know what you are doing, but it isn't Science."

"If you don't publish everything necessary to reproduce, including hardware decisions and settings, it isn't Science."

#TR18 #troopers #infosec #academia

It's still somewhat plasticky, but I will get better with practice.

Longer term, any such project that seeks to be an alternative to the closed, centralised silos of the mainstream is going to live or die based on how convenient it is. And thatโ€™s overall convenience, from setup onwards. The greatest design challenge we have, as I see it, is to have decentralised apps/sites compete with the 30 second sign-up of Facebook, etc. If we can bring going from zero to you up and running on your own domain down to < 1 min, we can radically change this game.

the worldโ€™s biggest field experiment which has successfully shown how to, at scale, increase crop yields and reduce fertilizer usage in China.
no new technologies, seeds or infrastructure was involvedโ€“just basic science and a tremendous outreach campaign.

Think of AI as Augmented Intelligence instead of Artificial Intelligence.

Whose intelligence is being augmented? Is it yours as an individual? (Yes, if you own and control the AI.) Or is it augmenting the intelligence of a corporation? (The norm today.)


RT TV tropes is Joseph Campbell for millenials.


Growing up indoctrinated by an electronic babysitter to collect plastic molded in the format of heavily regulated franchises.

he's as reliable as a footer on an infinite scroll page.

bootleg_daycare is the stuff of nightmares.

I remember I grew up as a snotty donald duck connoisseur, a kid pointing out errors on mural arts.