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My broter wiped my moto g clean, open source android, .

Coz it lacks play store (and play services, the surveillance thingy behind most products), I had to find apks at ... kinda creepy, coz without big corps acting as curators, we have... what?

for now 4 apps can't open coz depend deeply on google play services. I'm trying to find substitutes.

Nicholas Frota @nonlinear

Turns out I can’t be until I find a good contact replacement.

Google only works with google play. And Mac contacts only work on Mac computers.

What’s the alternative?

NextCloud has a contacts plugin that works through the CardDAV standard, which syncs with all major things. For Android you need an app to provide a CardDav back end, but once installed and configured it's integrated seamlessly with the contacts app. Similar story for iThings AFAIK. Most serious email clients support carddav also I think. NextCloud also does calendar sync and setup overlaps a lot.

and please dont use apkmon or stuff like that... u have amazing fdroid with only open source apps @fdroidorg :yeahsmokin:

@ajeremias yeah, my brother was all about nextcloud coz of adding, but then went back to FileRun, easier for files.

Maybe we should rethink.

@ajeremias and thanks for the link... i'll repass it to my brother-slash-sysop.