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Nicholas Frota @nonlinear

We should stop with left and right false binary.

The real binary is between those who want protect and expand the concept of humanity, and those who want to shrink it.

@nonlinear mainly because im not a fan of humanism, but i share the sentiment mostly

@ElusiveConfection humanism is human in the center. This is more about what you consider human.

You can dehumanize AND be a humanist. Centering and ignoring communities.

(And yes, fuck humanism)

@ElusiveConfection dehumanizing means removing protections and negating resources.

It’s resource wars, an anthropocene thing. Sad af.

@ElusiveConfection I hear you tho. When we talk about posthumanism, the rights of lakes, or forests, maybe I should frame it as personhood.

Personhood is a legal construct, an assemblage of rights and dues.

Dehumanization goal is to remove their personhood, their rights. It’s resource wars.